Here at Dock 2 Letterpress, we use old stuff to make new stuff. Our collection of over 1,000 cases of lead and wood type, combined with hundreds of dingbats, borders and other images will make whatever project you have distinct and stand out in this digital world.

We hand set every peice of type, border, and image on our Vandercook Proof Press or C&P Platen Press, for that authentic letterpress design. Some of our type is over 100 years old, it’s not perfect and that’s what will make your job look perfect. Take a look at some of our wood type here.

Posters, coasters, invitations, business cards, are just the beginning of what we can design for you. Email or call us at 585.872.5050 to get started on your project.

Dock 2 Letterpress
855 Publishers Parkway, Dock #2
WebsterNY 14580


New At Dock 2, Letterpress print end tables. Learn more here.

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Letterpress Print Tables

From time to time around the shop we get a little bored, scratch our chins and say "what else can we do?". After a quick trip to Ikea, we came up with the idea of printing posters and applying them to the tops of tables, thanks to the Ikea "LACK" end tables.

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